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Liverpool Fencing Club is here to offer you a fun fencing arena where you can play out your swashbuckling spyesque knight fantasies, take part in a dynamic exciting sport, hone your competitive skills and meet some absolutely bonkers (best kind of people in my opinion) fencers along the way.

Formed in 1993, Liverpool Fencing Club meet on Monday evenings at the Body and Mind Gym in Liverpool College. With all that experience we promise to make sure you have a cracking time

Our mission

Liverpool Fencing Club loves fencing. Makes sense doesn’t it? However we do have some goals that we aspire to, our mission of sorts.

  1. Improve participation in the sport of fencing in the Merseyside area
  2. Offer a safe and inclusive environment to all willing to learn our sport
  3. To support our members in their competitive fencing careers


All fencers remember the first time they picked a sword up and the rush of actually hitting their mate with it the first time they fenced!! Its brilliant and we love to share our sport with all newcomers over the age of 14.

We are so excited to announce we are hosting 4 beginners courses over 2024. The dates are as follows

Winter Course : 22nd January – 19th February
Spring Course: 8th April – 13th May
Summer Course: 22nd July – 19th August
Autumn Course: 28th October- 25th November

Liverpool Fencing Club only take beginners during our beginners courses. This is so that we can offer you the best fencing experience and teach you all the basics alongside other newbies. The course is a non refundable £40 and covers 10 hours of fencing over 5 weeks which is to be paid on the first session of the course. You will also receive a framed certificate on completion.

We understand that you may need to miss a session during the 5 weeks. Whilst we do not refund these weeks we roll over your missing weeks to the next session. This can be used up to the start of the next beginners course to pick up on what you have missed. After that date any missing weeks will be lost.

We will provide all of the fencing kit you need to use during the sessions and all we ask you to bring;

T-shirt suitable to exercise in
Long tracksuit bottoms (NOT shorts or Jeans. Health and safety)
Exercise suitable trainers
Bottle of water
Your beginners course fee of £40.

You must have signed up to our governing body (British Fencing) FREE 90 day trial membership. This is so that we are covered to teach you for insurance purposes. You can register online for free here

We look forward to seeing you there for stabby stabby slashy slashy fun times!!

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Do you have an unhealthy obsession with swords with no outlet to vent it to?

Do you want to get fit and find a sport that suits you?

You can reach us via social media and on the following email addresses

Liverpool Fencing Club queries – admin@fenceliverpool.com

Liverpool Junior Fencing Club queries – juniors@fenceliverpool.com

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