Anyone aged between 9 and 16 can get involved with our Junior Club! The club began in July 2008 and runs on Friday evening from 8pm to 9.30pm. 

The Junior club is located in the Belvedere Academy, Belvedere Road, Liverpool, L8 3TF. The club will meet weekly with the subs charge of £5 a week. This is now paid exclusively by bank transfer, this helps us spend less time handling cash so that our fencers can have more fencing time which we feel is the best bit of the night.

As Liverpool fencing club does not accept members under the age of 14 this is a great way to get introduced to the world of fencing and you can be both members of both Liverpool Junior Fencing Club and the normal Liverpool Fencing Club provided you are over the age of 14.

We think its great to track progress and give our young fencers targets to aim for. This helps our younger members become more independent with their fencing. With this in mind all our junior members are welcome to print out our Junior Club Progress sheet. We will host our assessments regularly, around the third Friday of each month, please be sure to bring these with you on these nights. Finish them all to earn your club completionist award.

For more information or queries, please e-mail Keith McCarthy at juniors@fenceliverpool.com. or at 07917273550

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