Kit checking out and in

Welcome to our new page for checking out and checking in kit. We are so proud to be able to help our fencers and fencing community. To help us keep track and so that we don’t forget please use this form to check it out or check in. If you have any problems please contact our kit officer

Please enter the name of the individual who is checking kit out / checking kit in
Please enter the email address of the individual responsible for the borrowed kit.
Please enter the date you are checking kit out / checking kit in. Please use DD/MM/YY format.
Tell us how long you are borrowing our kit for or if you are checking kit in. If you are borrowing on a long term basis you will need permission from our Kit Officer.
Tell us here which pieces of kit you are checking in / checking out. If it has an ID type the ID code in. To help us please enter each item on a separate line by using your keyboard 'return' key.
Please type in name of the committee member you have checked in kit with.
If you are checking kit out please enter N/A above. For checking kit in please let us know if any of the kit is broken or damaged. Don't worry this just helps us keep on top of our broken kit so that we can see if it can be repaired.