Session check in

If you are

  • Pay your individual session fees by bank transfer,
  • Pay for sessions in advance by standing order
  • Pay/Have paid for a collection of sessions in bulk
  • Are currently on a beginners course/ having a catchup beginners session when you missed a session previously
  • Or if you have been exempted from paying session fee

You can get on the piste faster by completing our speedy check in.

Whether you are at the hall or on your way complete the form below and lets get fencing faster! Bookmark this page to reach it faster next time you visit.

If you are paying by cash for this session please or do not fit in with the above examples please do not complete this form and instead check in with the treasurer at the desk.

Session Check In
Please enter this in DD/MM/YY format
If you selected "I do not need to pay for sessions" please explain in this box why you don't need to pay for this session.