So what does a fencing club do? What does a typical training night look like? Well, look no further!! Here is an outline of what our typical training nights look like.

Group warm up

As part of any sports club a warm up is essential in getting your body ready for fencing aweseomness and also reducing risk of injury. The warm up is a short cardiovascular workout and lasts usually about 15 minutes


Following any good warm up a short stretching session to get all that blood flowing to your all important fencing limbs is undertaken.

Beginners course / Group Footwork

If our beginners course is running then you will be with our coach, Liam, who will take you aside for all of your starting training. For those who have graduated our beginners courses, or have come from a more experienced fencing background, the group footwork session will begin. This is led by one of our coaches who will help you refine your footwork and position all the while getting you fighting fencing ready.

Free Fencing/Individual lessons

Now that you are ready it’s time to kit up and get your fence on! All our free fencing fights are timed and reffereed. This is to help give a competitive feel to each fight and to ensure that all our fencers have equal time fighting and that you improve your competitive fencing at the same time! If you don’t have a stopwatch or timed box on your piste then please see Liam or one of the armoury staff who will ensure you have one.

We are proud to make our coaching accessible to everyone who wants to learn. All three of our coaches, Liam, Keith and Atanas offer free individual coaching on Monday nights. All that we ask is that you ask us as soon as possible on the night if any slots are available. Our coaches will work with you to help develop your skills and improve your fencing ability.

Poule night Mondays

For the last Monday of every month we host a competitive poule night.  All participation in this event is optional. You will be grouped per weapon and placed in a poule with the aim of fighting everyone in that group. The results are used to determine rankings and the poule you will be in the next time…can you stay on top of the hill? This is a fantastic way of focussing your training and getting competitive practice against those of a similar skill level to you.